All that glitters... Bella's body was adorned with a glittering top and matching briefs as she posed with her hands on her hips She's maid it: Kendall wore a very sexy monochromatic lingerie set

Angel: Having enjoyed a whopping 16 years as an Angel, after joining the group in 2000, Adriana Lima is well-versed in the show - hence her playful ease

Lady and the Vamp: Adriana Lima's mismatching underwear and vinyl boots were a knock-out

I'm like a bird: Even Kendall's shoes had wings coming off the back as she walked down a sparkly purple catwalk

Stunning: She perfected her steely expression as a host of photographers went wild for her look

This one's for you: She blew kisses to the crowd as she showed how confident she has become

There he is: Bella Hadid couldn't help but smile when she saw her recently ex boyfriend The Weeknd performing as she walked down the runway

Still pining? She gave him a lingering stare as she walked past him

She looked as though she was trying to put him from her mind as she continued the walk to the end of the runway

How does she do it? She walked effortlessly in her towering heels as she stopped and turned around

Sexy in black: (L-R) Joan Smalls, Devon Windsor and Cindy Bruna all pulled off smouldering poses in their leather and lace numbers Blonde ambition: Devon's delicate lace two-piece was hardened with a pair of lace-topped thigh-high boots Taylor's cloaked look added some serious mysteryAll the embellishments: Californian model Jasmine Tookes showcased a $2.4million emerald and diamond bra, weighing more than 450 carats, as the annual showstopping jewelled piece

Subtle: Delicate swathes of chiffon circled her body as she captured the attention

Pout of control: Irina Shayk smouldered in her sexy mac as she made sure all eyes were on her

Silver siren: Georgia Fowler looked sassy in her skimpy lace one-piece and Mary Jane heels 

Hip hip hooray! Models pose backstage during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You: No doubt The Weeknd was anxious about being reunited with his former love Bella

Vamping things up: Lady Gaga was one of the star performers on the night and she wore a rather edgy look Sparkly: She soon whipped off her leather jacket to reveal a sequined jumpsuit Off came another jacket: Her one piece was strapless and suited her frame perfectly - but where did that hat come from? When I Was Your Man: Bruno Mars was also one of the A-list performers on the nightChanging the tone: She also wore a red rose ballgown as she sang a more sombre number Hard to concentrate? As she belted out her number, Lily Donaldson made her way down the runway




Photo source:Popsugar








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