Noul trend in materie de makeup:Gothic makeup


Cu totii avem momentele noastre dark in care sa ne exprimam ori prin haine ori prin makeup sau hairstyle(nu neaparat).Insa in randul celebritatilor acest trend chiar este pe val si nu am crezut vreodata ca unele din ele abordeaza stilul de vampa.

We never thought we’d say this, but matte skin, deep plum eye shadow and ruby red lips actually look so right together. The realisation came to us when Lily Collins stepped out on the red carpet for the 2017 Critics’ Choice Awards. Complete with a braided chignon and dressed in Elie Saab Haute Couture, there were some seriously chic twilight vibes going on, and she’s not the only one to channel them. Every celeb is rocking it right now and TBH, it’s a refreshing AF change from the ‘no makeup, makeup’ look!

**Olivia Palermo**

If porcelain skin and a midnight lip is cool enough for Palermo at the Christian Dior Paris Fashion Week show, it’s good enough for us!

**Emma Roberts**

Them boy brows, that mauve lip stain and the black satin dress take this look totally vamp and spooky chic.

**Kristen Stewart**

K Stew, the original vampy babe, is all about that plum smoke, and even goes for a flush of pink along the cheekbones too.

**Lucy Hale**

Deeper than your average, this lip is all sorts of Goth glam. She’s polished it up with loads of individual lashes and a little extra bronzer to keep it flattering.

**Vanessa Hudgens**

I mean, she was always going to jump on this trend – she’s been doing the heavy-eye, heavy-lip combo for as long as we can remember! The shimmer on the inner corners of the yes and the cute, messy topknot is a fresh update.

**Kate Bosworth**

That powder-set skin, that purple-pop lip – it’s the perfect accompaniment to Kate’s grunge accessories.

**Khloe Kardashian**

A baked complexion is a vampire beauty gals essential. Khloe’s gone for a brown-toned lip, but them lashes and that brown liner along the waterline say va-va vamp.



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