Seria ”Touch” surpinde in ilustratii primele etape ale iubirii

Suspine,lumina difuza,priviri ratacite in ochii celuilant.Cam asta imi inspira ilustratiile lui Zipcy,al carui nume real este Yang Se Eun.O artista de 29 de ani care nu se teme sa aduge creatiilor sale cateva elemente romantice si usor erotice.

Seria ”Touch” prezinta momentele de dragoste din viata unui cuplu.Artistul reuseste sa surprinda momentele unice  din primele etape ale iubirii.

You Breathed Out So Warm, And I Couldn’t Help But Lose My MindHis Scent Was Like Burying My Face In The Afternoon Pillow Filled With Sunshine.  I Wanted To Suddenly Hold HimSound Of Your Breath Between The RainStill, No Idea Why I Love Touching Your Skin Than MineTouching My Ear With A Deep Voice, Your Lips Were Much Softer And More Peculiar Than I Ever ImaginedAll Love Begins With A GazeMy Heart Was Tickling When His Fingertips Touched My HairIt Is Never Only A Physical Contact, Nor A Friction, But, In The Very Moment, It Is Something More- Give You A Crush, Take You High, Blow Your Mind, And Make You Float AroundI Remember The Moment Your Floating Gaze Landed On Me For The First TimeIf Only I Could Carry This Softness For GoodJust About To Hold Hands, The Thrill Of Feeling His Fingers Sliding Between MineYour Scent...That Moment Of Mysterious SensationsWhen Her Hand Locked In With Mine AirtightJust Comb My Hair. I Felt As If Each Strand Of My Hair Subtly Revived Its SensesYour Scent And A Sunny Afternoon


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